the milestone experience

Smiling, sitting, standing, turning one; choose what's important to you. 

(Or capture them all with our baby collective.)

Come on mama...

You're joining in the fun! 

Makeup and client closet access are included in all of my sessions to make you feel your best and ready to capture those priceless snuggles. 

Oh my, that first year goes by SO fast!! Capture the cutest parts of their growth and huge personality with a milestone session!

Bright, dreamy, and timeless; we start with a white canvas, and add in a pop of color or simple prop here and there to give it a personal flair.  I have a baby client closet as well, with adorable options for every age; but of course you are welcome to bring any special outfit you love.  We'll coordinate all of this in our planning. 

When you arrive, we'll let baby play, snack, and explore for a bit, making sure they are happy and acquainted with their new environment.  Then we'll get them dressed and photograph them doing what they do best, being uniquely, adorably, them.  

Your baby is growing fast...let's get you a spot on the schedule!